Change. Inevitability. Time.  What can be more terrifying yet deliciously daring?  What provokes man more than those three, tragically significant adages? 

Optimism, see me through!  It's not change so much that is the fear factor, it's the fear of losing what you were brave and vulnerable enough to love that comes attached to the unchanged state.  I'm moving homes, I'm switching gears, I'm growing up.  I'm leaving comfort of three years, I'm taking risks I've been afraid of doing, and inevitably, my body is oxidizing.  But one must never forget the exotic blossoms that come with new soil. 

I stumbled upon this quote by my old reliable friend, William Shakespeare: "We know what we are, but know not what we may be."  Optimism, you come through yet again!  When times are difficult and positivity is weak, I turn to the giants of the literary firmament.  So simply put, one knows who one is, but has one the audacity to be what they can truly, wholly be?  Thus is the game of life, no?  Well, such is mine-I only hope to never dwindle in this continuous search. I'm sure if I do I'll find a quote to keep my lion-heartedness solid until the next quote comes along.

So here it is, for you, curious reader, my first blog for my website.  Forgive me if my mumbo-jumbo frustrates you but I just had to write about the biggest constant in my life right now.  As Bill Shakes would probably (not) put it: to be the change, or not to be the change.  I'll take a double serving of "Yes, please!" before it's too late and the caramel vanilla of my metaphorical "life" ice cream melts and leaves my fingers regrettably sticky.

Thanks for listening...until next time.