What's in a name?

April 5, 2014
That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet. So Ana Paula would, were I not Ana Paula called.

I have re-christened myself. Paulie Rojas is going to sleep in the realm of memory and heart. I am using my real first names and a romanticized European rendition of my Spanish last name, Rojas: Redding.  I am keeping my blood color and honoring my European heritage.  Do you see? So this is my renaissance to this sweeping, monumental world.  My heavenly audience and story lovers, I introduce you Ana Paula Redding!  Can you hear my excitement?

And I would like to give a shout out to my mentor and hero, Tom Todoroff.  Tom, by any other name you are the epitome of what I would like to be. It's about the story not the actor! I will always work to be the greatest vessel of storytelling; and as you've taught me- I will make my life of work of art, make my life a work of heart.  I love you, TT, and thank you.

Like a pie outta the oven...I'm whole

January 19, 2013


We were asked to share any reflections of the conservatory journey thus far.  I went into a whirlwind of passion.  For those curious enough this is what I wrote:

One year ago I never dreamt of the happiness I would savor; the fulfilling, enlightened and wholesome feeling I would wake up to every morning since joining the conservatory.  Not to say that challenges, exciting awakenings, and unexpected turbulence don't happen.  In fact they happen with more frequency but with a positively greater...

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The Inevitability of Paulie

June 24, 2009

Change. Inevitability. Time.  What can be more terrifying yet deliciously daring?  What provokes man more than those three, tragically significant adages? 

Optimism, see me through!  It's not change so much that is the fear factor, it's the fear of losing what you were brave and vulnerable enough to love that comes attached to the unchanged state.  I'm moving homes, I'm switching gears, I'm growing up.  I'm leaving comfort of three years, I'm taking risks I've been afraid of...

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