Working with Paulie

Quotes about Paulie:

To work with emerging artists is a joyful inspiration for a teacher. To work with Paulie Rojas proves the truth of this statement."-Mary-Joan Negro, Tony Award Nominee, Juilliard Graduate and USC Professor

"When you only have to say it once to an actor, exactly what it is you want in each scene and then that actor takes that direction, processes it and sprints with it, THAT is Paulie Rojas!"- Emanuel Gironi, Actor, Writer, Director, "Lucia No Besa A Nadie."

Why work with Paulie?

Many will testify that Paulie's professionalism is unparalleled.  She is always on time, easy to work with, directable, compassionate, passionate, and always open to new ideas as well as sharing ideas.  Paulie is also extremely intelligent and has a passion for exploring cultures and human interactions.  The Beverly Hills Canon News described Paulie as "an actress to be reckoned with in the future of filmdom."  Some of Paulie's skills are:

-speaks fluent English, Spanish, Italian and French

-has played classical piano since the age of 4

-is a classically trained ballerina. She was a member of USC's Repertory Dance Company

-has a black belt in Tae Kwon Do.

-has produced and starred in two films, "Lucia No Besa A Nadie" in Spanish with English Subtitles and "Un Jour Dans La Vie" (A Day in the Life) written in French with English subtitles.  Paulie is also the author of "Un Jour Dans la Vie.

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